How COVID-19 is Changing the 2020 Big 12 Season

The 2020 Big 12 season has already begun and will be one to remember due to COVID-19 due to COVID-19. It started on September 3rd and will end on December 7th, 2020. The teams will play in their normal stadiums, however, there will be some changes due to the pandemic.
“The season will be very different because people are required to wear masks, and social distance on the sidelines,” Said Noah Soto, 7th.
At the Texas Tech StadiumStadium, officials have reduced the fan capacity to 25%. If you don’t feel safe going, you can have a cardboard cutout made of you and placed in the stadium for $50. In Oklahoma, their stadium will only be at 25% capacity as well. That’s 21,000 seats out of 86,112 seats in Gaylord family stadium.
“I’m really excited to watch Baylor play OSU and win. I think it will be a hard game and difficult to manage because of COVID-19 and the new rules,” said Ayden Polonet, 7.
Baylor University played West Virginia on October 3, 2020. West Virginia won by one point. Baylor will play again on October 17, 2020, against the number 10 ranked OSU. It will be a tough game but is possible to pull out with the win.
Although the season has already started, many fans are excited to see rivals play and who will become the next Big 12 champion.