The Devastating 2020 California Fires

Grace Peay, Newspaper Writer


 The 2020 California and West Coast wildfires are record-setting in the amount of damage and size. 

Governor Newsom of CA believes climate change is a large factor in the scale of the fires, “This isn’t an intellectual debate. This isn’t about ideology. The proof is right in front of our eyes. The impacts of climate change simply cannot be denied.” stated Newsom to NBC nightly news on September 11, 2020. 

Makennah Vann also stated “I feel so bad for the people and state that they have to go through these huge fires. I’ve seen that California is dry and causing fires resulting in a couple of deaths and towns burning.” Just like Governor Newsom said, climate change is a dramatic part of why these wildfires have started.

This year’s fire season is more destructive and devastating than in recent years past and not just in California.

“I want to be upfront in saying that we expect to see a great deal of loss, both in structures and human lives… this could be the greatest loss of human lives and property due to wildfire in our state’s history.”  Oregon Governor Kate Brown said in a briefing this past week. Sloane Hempkins even stated “It’s very scary and the amount of damage to towns, homes, and people’s lives is probably worrying many people in the state of CA. 

This fire season is devastating to northern California, Oregon, but also Washington State as well. All Governors are making evacuation orders and emergency declarations. 

Governor Jay Inslee said, “More acres burned … than in 12 of the last 18 entire fire seasons in the state of Washington.” to reporters this past week. My own twin sister Gabby Peay even stated “ The fires are horrible, people there are probably scared, and I’m worried that things are going to get worse.” 

2020 has been a negative year in more ways than the pandemic. Will Knickerbocker said, “I think it’s a bad thing and people need to continue to be careful about this whole disaster.” The loss of property lives and disruption of quality of life in the Western states of California, Oregon, and Washington due to record-setting fires is devastating for so many communities with no real end in sight.