The 2020 Olympics Become The 2021 Olympics When Covid-19 Makes An Entrance

Sydney Cole, Newspaper Writer

Coronavirus has been changing the world of sports for the past several months, and will in the months to come. The 2020 summer Olympics were set to take place in Tokyo, Japan, but in March 2020, it was announced that the Summer Olympics would be postponed.

Teddy Riner, a two time Olympic super-weight champion, states in an Instagram post that “First, we have a more important fight to win.” Despite the opportunity to take home another medal, he understands that desperate times call for desperate measures.

According to Cecile Landi, coach of Simone Biles, Biles was set to retire from her 4 medals Olympic gymnastics career, but with the major schedule change, she’ll continue practicing for another year.

Katrina Johnson-Thompson, a British heptathlete, said that the announcement was “heartbreaking news” but that “it’s all for the right reasons.” She says that she “Waited 8 years for this.” [Olympics]. Katrina has been anticipating her Olympic debut for years but is sacrificing to do what’s necessary to keep everyone safe.

After the decision to postpone the Olympics, the President of The International Olympic Committee said “I want to thank the International Federations of their unanimous support and the Continental Associations of National Olympic Committees for the great partnership and their support in the consultation process over the last few days.”

As of September 23, 2020, The United States of America had 6.93 million positive cases of the COVID-19 and is gaining tens of thousands of cases every day. After 7 months of isolation, 201k people passed from the virus.

While people around the world are disappointed to wait another year for the Olympics; we can’t wait for these star athletes to make an unforgettable comeback in 2021.