Netflix Canceling Shows

Connor Tiemann

As if 2020 doesn’t already have enough drama, Netflix recently canceled a variety of popular shows.
“I think the shows should be canceled by the creators or producers based on ratings, finances, or other production issues. The streaming service should not cancel shows based on social or political beliefs of those working at Netflix,” said Laura Tiemann, 7.
Netflix risks viewers and subscribers if the streaming service continues to cancel programming. Now, more than ever, people are relying on live television for entertainment. People might get fed up with Netflix if their favorite shows or movies are no longer available. Not to mention if they are paying for them.
¨It’s so annoying and frustrating for Netflix to cancel shows before the series are complete or to remove movies,” said Laura Tiemann, 7.
In the past year, Netflix has canceled 20 major series, some being very popular shows. Netflix is even wrapping up the Ozarks with only one more season planned. This decision got viewers’ attention.
“Netflix is killing its most interesting shows in their infancy and it could be the streaming giant’s downfall,” according to Insider Inc.
No matter what the reason is for canceling the series from their streaming service, Netflix is sure to receive backlash from viewers, especially with the amount of new streaming services being offered.