Club Day

Meadow Louria and Emerson Smith

As students who attend Willow Springs know, the first Club Day of the semester is coming up! WSMS kids are eager to join and participate in exciting activities of their choice.
Club Day is a day where multiple activities are held around the school campus. It lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. The students who sign up for the more interactive clubs, such as the extreme club, are responsible for bringing their own items.
“I’m so excited about Club Day. I picked the kickball club because I love playing soccer and the two sports are very similar,” said Mia Lutcza, 7th.
We wanted to get the point of view of a teacher who is running a club and see her perspective on what the benefits of Club Day are.
“I‘m hosting the 80s and 90s movie club. I decided to run the movie club because I want students to get a chance to relax and watch exciting movies from my favorite decades. I don’t know one kid that doesn’t enjoy club day! I think this will be beneficial to the kids because COVID-19 has brought a lot of anxiety and separation so Club Day is like a little escape from regular school,” said Mrs. Moss, 7th grade english teacher.
The Extreme Club asks students to bring their scooter or skateboard, and the K-9 and Critters Club gives students the opportunity to bring their pets to school. Club Day is a great way to mix up our daily routines and gives us something to look forward to.
“I think that Club Day will be a great way for people to get back into the school spirit. It’s something interactive to do and will be a good way to relax after having constant strict rules to follow.” said Mia Lutcza, 7th.
Students, teachers, and staff are all excited to endorse the activity this Friday to get a break from school and have a little fun.