Sr Morales: The New Spanish Teacher

Katelyn Coleman, Newspaper Writer

This year, WSMS has adopted a new Spanish teacher, Sr. Morales. Since so many students signed up for Spanish as their elective, Sra. Vizcaino and Sr. Morales will be teaching beginner Spanish.

“Although I had previously taught English, Reading, ESL, and Social Studies, I decided to teach specifically at WSMS because I enjoy speaking Spanish, and I could not pass up the opportunity to teach it. Spanish is my second language. I believe that speaking, reading, writing, and listening to Spanish all help language acquisition. I have also spoken and used Spanish at every job since college. My favorite thing about being bilingual is when I surprise people, and that I am able to communicate with them in Spanish and translate to English, and when I am able to facilitate understanding and communication among those who do not speak the language. Spanish brings me great joy, the language is vibrant, and the people that speak it can be very colorful, expressive, and diverse. Language teaches you culture. Language helps you to understand why and how people act and say the things that they do. Language is a beautiful instrument, and I choose Spanish, but you can always learn new tunes: Farsi, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. Play what you want,” said Sr. Morales, WSMS Spanish teacher.

Sr. Morales finds joy in translating and teaching Spanish, and it is something very important to him.

“Sr Morales is a funny and caring teacher who actually cares about his students and their mental health, like he said today if you were having any bad or suicidal thoughts that you can talk to him and other teachers. It’s really easy to learn, because he gives us plenty of time to study, and he also plays songs to help learn Spanish which is easier for me,” says Hannah Gapp, 8.

Sr. Morales is a teacher that not only teaches well and cares about his students, but he also makes sure they know that. If anyone needs to talk, there’s one more person that will be there for them, and it is a trusting teacher.

“He keeps his students engaged in the activity. He is a family man, who is passionate about what he teaches,” says Addison Wood, 8.

WSMS is lucky to receive such a great teacher. Sr. Morales is the newest addition to the middle school, and we are grateful to have him!