Avatar the Last Airbender

Cain Garcia and Connor Tiemann

Avatar the Last Airbender was added to Netflix on August 14th, 2020. The show first released in 2005, not being too popular, but it made a huge comeback becoming one of the most watched shows on Netflix.
“It’s great that they added it back since it’s very nostalgic for older people and child-appropriate. I would choose to be an Earth Bender because it is the most useful.” said Alec Turnbow, 8.
Aang, the main character of the show, is the last surviving air bender from the Air Nomads’ Southern Air Temple. As the Avatar, he has the ability to control all four of the elements: fire, earth, air, and water.
“Avatar The Last Airbender is very entertaining because I like the anime and if I were to be any bender I’d be a Fire Bender,” says Nolan Balette, 8.
Avatar has 3 seasons and a 4.9 star rating with 10,000+ ratings. Many people that have watched the show seem to love it, and it’s wildly popular on social media with memes, cosplay, artwork, and POV’s based on the universe created.
“I like it because I like the anime style. I would be a Fire Bender,” said David Gonzalez, 8.
Avatar is considered by many to be an amazing TV series that anyone could get hooked on and watch. It is prided for its amazing characters, great story, and fantastic animation. Avatar the Last Airbender is an interesting show to check out that can widen a person’s horizons and find them a new pastime.