Dallas Cowboys

Cain Garcia

One month into the season, the Dallas Cowboys are playing poorly with a 2-4 game record. So far, they have lost to the Rams, Seahawks, Browns, and Cardinals, thoughCowboys did beat the Giants by 3 points and the Falcons by 1 point.
Mike McCarthy, the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, stated, “We haven’t gotten into a groove or a rhythm or gotten out in front yet this year, and it’s self-inflicted wounds that continue to plague us.”
Cowboys starting quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a compound right ankle fracture and dislocation in the third quarter of the game against the Giants. Dak has already had surgery and is feeling better, but he is still out for the rest of the season until full recovery. Andy Dalton, the new starting quarterback, completed 34 out of 54 passes for 266 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions during the game on Monday night against the Cardinals.
Dak Prescott recently said, “I’m doing well, and I can’t thank you enough for all your love, support, and prayers from my teammates, family, friends, and fans.”
The game on Monday against the Cardinals was a 38-10 blowout loss. Running back Ezekiel Elliott takes the blame for their loss at the end of the game because he had a total of 49 rushing yards on 12 carries. Elliott also fumbled the ball twice; both times being recovered by the Cardinals.
Ezekiel Elliott said, “I’m supposed to be the guy this team can lean on when times get rough, and I just wasn’t that today.”
The cowboys definitely still have a fighting chance to get more wins this season even after losing Dak Prescott. At least the Cowboys already have 2 wins, and many agree if it weren’t for kicker Greg Zuerlein they would be a 0-6 team.