WSMS Band Continues to play with Covid 19 Precautions

Marisela Alexander, Newspaper Writer

Willow Springs’ fine arts programs are following COVID-19 safety precautions, but the WSMS band is taking the most interesting steps to avoid COVID-19 while still making music. Students are using different equipment for different instruments. Some have to cover parts of their instruments and others have to wear a special mask in order to play. COVID-19 has affected us all but in order to keep our fine arts going, there are rules set in place to keep us safe and healthy.


“I wish we didn’t have to wear them (instrument covers), but I think it is important to take the proper precautions to continue to make music together,” said Martha Ball, head band director at Willow Springs.

There was a study done about water droplets in the air, called aerosols, which can be spread by playing wind instruments. The study determined what parts of our instruments need to be covered. That is why we have to use bell covers and specifically designed playing masks depending on the instrument.

“I think the band precautions help keep us safe, and I still love the band just the same as before. Also, I don’t think there is a better way to do this, and it is very important to social distance,” says Audrey Oestrling, Flute, 7.

All of the instruments have to wear different equipment in order to continue playing. The low brass instruments have to use special playing masks with a hole to fit their mouthpiece. The students whose instrument’s ends curve out have to wear bell covers. Sometimes this can make it hard to play specific notes but it keeps the ones around us safe.

“I do appreciate that there are precautions although I do not like wearing a mask while practicing,” says Skylar Adell, Clarinet, 7.

Every instrument is different, but we are all keeping each other safe through the process of our COVID-19 rules. This may be a pain to work with, but it is important we continue to do this, or we might have to stop making music together. In conclusion, we will continue to have fun playing together while following COVID-19 precautions.