Should Amazon stop delivering?

Mia Reaugh, Staff Writer

Amazon is still shipping items out to customers, which could be a health hazard. 

“Warehouse workers in Spain and Italy have tested positive for the virus, while workers in New York and Chicago told The Washington Post that Amazon isn’t taking enough precautions as orders mount,” said the Washington Post.

Amazon is now delaying their shipping and only shipping necessary items to their customers. 

“We are giving priority items that our customers need the most,” said an Amazon spokesperson.

While Amazon is only shipping important items, there is a chance that COVID-19 could spread by the handling of packages. 

“In reality, it’s hard to know whether or not a package that comes into your home has had contact with anyone who might already be positive for Covid-19. Our advice to customers is to take the precautions that they feel are the right ones for them, like cleansing the package,” said

 Amazon has taken some precautions to keep their warehouse as clean as they can for their customers. 

“Amazon is spraying disinfectant throughout the warehouse and staggering employee breaks so fewer people congregate together, to reduce contagion,” said the Washington Post. 

COVID-19 is still very new, and Amazon is trying to find the best way to continue helping its customers and stay safe.