Ways to stay connected during social distancing

Campbell Lester, Staff Writer

As COVID-19 continues to separate the world, people are finding it harder to stay connected with the people they care about.

“I’ve barely talked to some of my friends since quarantine started. It’s hard to stay in touch with each other,” said Bree Zorn, 7.

Many people are finding new, creative ways to join together with their friends. 

“I have three new apps dedicated to communicating with my friends through the coronavirus,” says Olivia LaFontaine, 7.

One new, popular way people are connecting with friends is through Netflix Party. This app allows you to host distanced movie nights on Netflix with your friends and comment on what you think about the movie.

“I started using Netflix Party because I watch Netflix all the time and it made it even more fun with friends,” said Aeva Haas, 7.

Another way people are staying connected is through video messaging apps like Marco Polo. Marco Polo is basically the “video walkie talkie,” allowing people to send short videos back and forth to each other. 

“I like to use Marco Polo because instead of describing what you’re doing in words, you can just show your friends instead,” said Katie Manders, 7.

With all this extra time, why not mail an actual letter? Write a quick note to your friends about how much you miss them, decorate it, and put it in their mailbox. Letters are an easy, thoughtful way to show you care!

“I recently wrote a letter to my cousin and she was so happy to get it! It was also really fun to make and decorate,” said Shelby Burriss, 7.

In a time like this, it’s extremely important to stay in touch and express your gratitude toward the people you care most about.