How is COVID-19 impacting college students?

Selene Thompson, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has altered almost everyone’s way of living; we are left to question – when will it be over? However, college students have been largely affected.

“Colleges and universities around the United States are now asking professors to do the same and to familiarize themselves with video conferencing programs like Zoom, in the event that an outbreak keeps students confined at home,” said 

While most students are adjusting to the change gradually, some are adapting slower because of the lack of online schooling. 

“Everything is online which completely changes the dynamic of the class. Online classes make it harder to keep up with everything, but as long as you’re on top of it it’s not a big deal,” said Taylor Thompson, West Texas A&M student. 

Each college has its own way of dealing with this pandemic. Most colleges have resorted to online schooling and some even restricted areas around the campus.

“Everything is closed on campus except for the dining halls and dorms. If you need to use the library, you have to schedule a time to go. Basically everything has changed about campus [life],” said Thompson. 

Whether the change has come easy or hard for students, the best thing to keep in mind is to stay safe and try to stay on top of assignments.