How rap music influences female confidence

Abby Rodriguez, Staff Writer

A lot of people feel like rap music objectifies women. However, it has tremendously changed since the Old-School HipHop era. Female rappers are part of the industry now more than ever.

“I ignored rap music for a while because I thought it was all negative, but when I started listening to female rappers like Doja Cat everything changed,” said Alejandra Rodriguez, a student at the University of Houston. 

Artists like Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and Megan the Stallion rap about things like confidence and independence. This influx of female rappers has become very recent.

“When listening to female rappers, it is easier to relate and feel empowered to be a woman. When listening to male rappers, they often seem to objectify women,” said Hannah Garcia, a student at St.Edward’s University.

Since female rappers need unique features to stand out, their flows and styles are very different from each other. 

“I get tired of male rappers because they rap about the same things and have similar pitches and cadences. Unlike Nicki Minaj and Megan the Stallion whose songs are all very different,” said Arlissa Rodriguez, a student of St.Edward’s University.

According to, 90’s rap includes more things about gang violence and the lyrics were far more poetic. Unlike now, when there is a lot of mumble rap, it can be harder to understand what artists are saying. 

“Female rappers do it best. Most of them do this because they are passionate about it which you can’t say about all artists. A lot of people just do whatever makes the most cash. What are you supposed to gain from that,” said SZA, from an interview in Rolling Stone.

Although rap music may seem to objectify women, the growth in the industry shows female rappers are taking the industry by storm.