The Importance of Service Dogs

Angelina Wang, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Service dogs have been assisting humans with disabilities since 1750 by escorting, guarding, and performing other tasks like guiding a handler that’s blind.

“Service dogs help lead people to places if they’re blind, and if they’re deaf, the dog would alert them of anything that was happening,” said Lainey Collyer, 8. 

These dogs are trained to help people that have disabilities. Service dogs aid their handlers by guiding them through daily life. For example, service dogs can help calm down a person having an anxiety attack. guiding people that are deaf, and pulling a wheelchair.    

“I don’t think any dog can be a service dog because some dogs don’t have the skill to achieve the tasks needed, like how a small dog can’t pull a wheelchair,” said Emerson Runions, 7.

In order for a dog to qualify as a service dog, the dog must be trained and certified. Trained service dogs can follow basic commands, ignore distractions and aid their handler.

“Service dogs are important because they help the owner do whatever they are doing. There are service dogs like speech therapy dogs, anxiety dogs, seizure dogs, and many more,” said Sarah Philips, 8.

Although service dogs can be any breed, they are required to perform the tasks at hand. Service dogs are important because they provide assistance to those who have disabilities.