The Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Angelina Wang, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Since 1955, artificial intelligence programs have been used around the world by companies and inventors because of their ability to learn and perform human-like tasks.

“I think artificial intelligence is a form of technology that is able to learn, create, and teach things,” said Cole Bailey, 7.

Artificial intelligence is a section of computer science that focuses on the improvement of machines that think and work like humans.           

“AI is important because it can perform tasks for humans so we don’t have to, and it can also solve problems,” said Chase Crocker, technology teacher at WSMS.

When using AI, machines learn how to perform tasks such as problem-solving and planning. The overall goal of AI is to produce technology that allows machines to operate in a rational manner.   

“We use artificial intelligence today in many ways like interactive AI, which we use with Siri and Alexa, and then more complicated AI like Tesla’s auto driving,” said Rovin Jo, campus IT. 

Today, we use artificial intelligence without realizing it. Siri, Google Home, and Alexa are modern examples of AI. Computers run chess matches and even Minecraft uses AI in their games.