Cheating in pro sports

William Carlson, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Cheating in pro sports has occurred multiple times since the creation of professional sports, and there is controversy about who should be punished: the players, or the coaches.

“I think the players should get punished because they were being idiots, and going along with the plan the coaches made,” said Dalton Hart, 7.

For example, in 2017, the Houston Astros cheated their way to victory during the World Series. They placed a camera in center field so they could view the opposing catchers’ pitching signs. Then, they would signal to the batter about what pitch was coming. In this case, the coaches were punished for cheating, but people think the players should have also been punished.

According to Wikipedia, “No players were punished because they had been given immunity by MLB in exchange for their cooperation. The Astros subsequently fired both Luhnow and Hinch (the coaches) on the day their suspensions were announced.

Another case of cheating was when the Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, deflated the football in the 2014 AFC Championship Game. He did this so the ball would be easier to catch, and it worked. The Patriots won the game against the Colts 45-7. In this example, the player was punished, not the coach. Tom Brady was suspended for 4 games and was fined $1 million. 

“I agree with his punishment because it’s not right and shouldn’t have been done, especially in a playoff game,” said Leeandro Torres, 7.

One last example of a major cheater in pro sports is biker Lance Armstrong. Armstrong won seven Tour de Frances, but was stripped of his titles when it was discovered he was doping. Doping is when a person, usually an athlete, takes illegal substances to boost their performance in their sport. He did this so he could keep his streak, and remain the “best cycler” in the world. Not only was Armstrong punished, but his coach, Johan Bruyneel, was banned from coaching for ten years.

“I think cheating is bad because it’s unsportsman-like and unfair,” said Matthew Evans, 7.

Cheating is never a good thing to do, especially in pro sports. Cheating in pro sports can ruin your athletic career, so always obey the rules in any sport you are participating in.