Ocean Pollution and Cleanup

Bethanie Wu, Leopard Life Staff Writer

In the past decade, pollution in our ocean have been steadily increasing, and many organizations are trying to resolve this issue.

“The Ocean Cleanup is trying to help with ocean pollution. They are trying to collect trash using barges,” said Jennifer Perez, eighth grade science teacher.

Many people have begun to hear about ocean pollution and how our seemingly small everyday decisions can have a huge impact on our Earth.

“I know the oceans are in danger, and, by what I have read, there is human runoff from our farms and dead zones in the ocean. But I think the trash and the plastic is a huge one that I see in the papers these days,” said Perez.

Although pollution is constantly increasing, there are some organizations that are coming up with effective ways to help.

“A company in Switzerland is placing these bubble tubes…These bubbles come up which doesn’t affect the habitat and it’s pushing out the waste towards a trashcan they have in the ocean. I think innovations such as those will improve the situation a bit more than getting a bracelet and removing a pound of trash,” said Rovin Jo, WSMS technician.

There are many ways that we can decrease the amount of trash going into the ocean.

“Some things we can do to reduce ocean plastic is by properly recycling, trying to use items that don’t have plastic in them, and we can also spread the word to others to inform them,” said Kamryn Messick, 8.

There is a wide variety of ways organizations are helping cut down the amount of pollution in the ocean, to solve the pollution increase.