Netflix Show-“Cheer”

Abby Rodriguez and Bethanie Wu, Leopard Life Staff Writers

On Jan. 8, 2020, Netflix released their latest hit TV series, Cheer, and reveals the ups and downs that the Navarro cheer team faces while trying to win the NCA, National Cheer Association, Championship. 

“I like that they don’t cut out all of the real stuff that happens. It shows all of the injuries that can happen and how they have to come back from it,” said Kate McGrath, 8.

Even through demanding times, the cheerleaders still overcome difficult obstacles and push themselves to their limit.

“I love how all the cheerleaders have such a good work ethic. It inspires me to be a better athlete,” said Kendell Coppinger, 8.

Although some do not consider cheer a sport, the show proves how challenging becoming a competitive cheerleader is.

“It shows people what competitive cheer is actually about. It’s not just about the pom poms,” said Ava Hempkins, 8.

No matter what your interests may be, everyone can enjoy this show.

“I highly recommend the show. It’s really motivating and inspiring no matter what sport you play,” said Brendan Cooper, 8. 

Although many of us may not participate in the sport, the show inspires everyone with its strong message.