Leopards by nature

Alissa Chang and Evelyn Tsai

For this year’s service learning day at WSMS, students will participate in the improvement of the campus by adding plants and flowers on March 17-18.

“…beautifying our campus is going to make everybody happy when they drive down the street and they see beautiful flowers and plants, and that’s going to attract pollinators such as butterflies, and native bees, and birds,” said eighth-grade science teacher Jennifer Perez.

The project will involve the addition of a monarch butterfly way station as well as many native plants to promote pollination in the WSMS gardens. These extensions aim to encourage the growth of our local ecosystems.

“I am excited for how good our school will look after it. This will increase the greenery of the community,” said Beau Rice, 8.

Students are excited to give back to their community and improve their campus environment through the service learning day.

“We’re going to be helping our school and our community by planting more plants. It’s cool because we’re helping our community. It will make our school feel more welcoming to new people,” said Keaton Penn, 8.

The WSMS students will spend two days beautifying the Willow Springs campus and planting indigenous species, such as rosemary, yucca, sage, and varieties of gamma grass. 

“And, you know, we don’t realize how fragile our food chain is. From insects and bees, to butterflies, and dragonflies, and birds, and small wild animals around here, we’re all interconnected. So we’re all leopards by nature and we’re excited that we’re getting to bring it to life in the real world,” said parent volunteer Lisa Wilkins.

During this service learning day, students will learn about the importance of native plants and habitats to our ecosystem as well as some gardening basics.

“Instead of going off campus this year, we’re going to beautify our campus, and we’re going to take our lessons on using native plants in the ecosystem and how that makes the ecosystem function better, and bring that to our campus,” said Perez.

To support this project, parents can purchase t-shirts for $12 each, sign up to volunteer, donate money, and buy supplies. The links for these are all available in the WSMS principal’s newsletter.

“I’m excited that the PTA is doing such an amazing job and that the students are going to get to be part of the beautification project,” said Perez.

Students and teachers alike look forward to spending a day serving the campus and helping the environment thrive.