Lovejoy STEM Festival

Evelyn Tsai, Leopard Life Staff Writer

At LHS on Feb 29, the Lovejoy STEM Festival advertised Lovejoy students’ inventive skills through robotic demonstrations, engineering contests, and innovative events.

“I’m most excited for our robots to compete, like a scrimmage, but it’s not BattleBots; the robots aren’t getting destroyed. They’re completing a task,” said Sylvia Woods, STEM teacher.

This year, the robotic display was a contest where candidates drive or code robots to score points. The contest is based on the VEX Robotic Competition, which has different tournaments and scrimmages across the state of Texas.

“One of my favorite competitions is the CANgineering competition… For this competition, teams plan a structure that is created entirely out of canned goods,” said Cindy Bronson, STEM Festival coordinator.

CANgineering is a contest where participants engineer a construction out of canned or non perishable foods, which are later donated to the Allen Community Outreach. 

“I really enjoy STEM and it’s a fun topic to learn… I’m going to participate in Makerspace. I think I’m going to make an RC car,” said Nolan Balette, 7.

Makerspace is a designated space for creating and coding, prepared by LHS and WSMS. Contributors receive small awards, such as candy.

“I’m really excited to see little kids creating and I want to see what the high schoolers are working on, as they are more advanced,” said Chakrearsey Prom, 8.

The Lovejoy STEM Festival held many STEM based activities to encourage students to pursue STEM and incorporate it into their lives.