Kicking off the WSMS soccer season

Christian Giordano and Luke Wright, Leopard Life Staff Writer and Co-editor

The WSMS soccer season is near, and student athletes are preparing for tryouts which will fall on the week before spring break. 

“I am excited to hang out with the team and win because it is fun,” said Kendell Coppinger, 8.

Last year, the seventh grade girls’ team had a perfect season under coaches Bailey and Keeble and plan to continue their success in the eighth grade.

“The coaching is good because they make it fun at practice, but he also gives us stuff to work on,” said Ryan Rogers, 8.

Eighth grade boys’ head coach will be the current varsity coach at the high school, Coach Duran, who will be assisted by both Coach Blom and Coach Yaegar. 

“We didn’t do very well last season, so I don’t have my hopes up for this season,” said William Ashby, 8.

However, they had a season with few wins in their seventh grade year and fear that their losses will only pile up throughout this year. 

“Allen and Rockwall schools are kind of the soccer schools and big competition, I don’t know how good we’ll do this year. Hopefully better than last year,” said Rogers.

The girls’ team is much more optimistic and is excited to have an enjoyable season, playing to the best of their ability.

“I’ve been playing soccer for most of my life, and I like to go out and try my best to have fun and win with the team,” said Kailey Littlefield, 8.

The team is excited for the season to start, and they can’t wait for their first game in a few weeks.