SpaceX Tourism

Noah Horner and Michael Malka, Leopard Life Staff Writers

SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer has announced that in the near future, we will be able to tour outer space using one of SpaceX space ships.

“I would like to travel to the moon, because why not,” said Macy Moore, 8.

SpaceX and Space Adventures, an American space tourism company, have partnered up to let us experience something far into the future as early as 2021. We will be able to go on board the Dragon, a spacecraft designed to transport cargo or people, to outer space while orbiting the Earth. 

“I think SpaceX should take people up in the atmosphere because it would be cool to see space,” said Menahil Raza, 8.

Space Adventures has already worked with seven clients, running eight different missions. These clients all went to the International Space Station (ISS). Space Adventures wants as many people as possible to experience the surreal feeling of being in space.

“I think it will take about 100,000 years for people to take trips in space regularly, and the atmosphere will change by then” said Nolan Balette, 7.

With SpaceX and Space Adventures working together, we will surely be able to travel in space in the near future.