Spring Break Plans and Benefits

Selene Thompson, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Spring Break is coming up in March, and many students at WSMS look forward to making their plans for the break.

“I’m going to be constructing a D&D campaign and making youtube videos,” said Lauren Rogers, 8. 

Some plans for Spring Break include diverse things such as going out of the country, or other simple plans include hanging out with friends or sleeping in late.

“I’m going to Greece and Italy with the high school art program,” said Lane Beller, 8.

Teachers will also benefit from this break because they won’t have to worry about grading papers or giving lectures every day. 

“My wife, our dogs, and I will all be going to Austin to hike and have some outdoor adventures,” said Caleb Goff, WSMS algebra teacher. 

The break gives students the time to relax and not be stressed about school. Although it’s important to stay educated, breaks are needed to help keep a balanced mindset. 

“It allows our brains to relax and allows us to relieve our mental tension,” said Sarah Philips, 8.

Students and teachers get to finally take some time for themselves all while having fun and enjoying the break.