Ice Hockey State Playoffs

Christian Giordano, Leopard Life Staff Writer

The Lovejoy Hockey team will be going to the playoffs in mid February, and players are very excited but also nervous.

“I think our team is ready and I’m especially ready to play in the playoffs. It’s fun to get to play the other teams and really grow as a team to show what we can do to the state,” said Clayton Crews, 8.

Lovejoy is first place in the state with a record of 18-0, and it was no easy feat to get all those wins.

“We’ve been working hard all season, and we get to come out and prove that we deserve the first place spot,” said Crews.

The team was a JV team for the regular season, but they will be moving up to Varsity for the Spring season. Being mainly eighth graders and freshmen, this is a huge step up for the team.

“We’ve shown that we can perform well on the JV level, and I think our team is ready for a new challenge,” said Crews.

The team wants to perform well in the playoffs, but they are also focusing on strategy for when they move up to the Varsity division.

“We do a lot of passing and positioning drills just to get ready for the more skilled teams on the Varsity level,” said Crews.

Lovejoy is in a very tough division of teams, and they have worked very hard to get to where they are right now.