Hong Kongers protest for rights

Angelina Wang, Staff Writer

On March 29, 2019, the Hong Kong government published the Extradition Bill, which has greatly impacted the citizens of Hong Kong.

“I think the Extradition Bill is about transferring criminals from Hong Kong to other countries,” said Brooke Starr, 7. 

Hong Kongers are protesting about the Extradition Bill, a bill that allows Hong Kong to transfer suspected criminals to China or Taiwan, and wait for trial for committing a crime. 

The Extradition Bill began when Hong Kong accused a man of murdering his girlfriend in Taiwan and detained him. Hong Kong authorities arrested him but he couldn’t be sent back to Taiwan for trial because the legal framework for it did not exist. 

 “Hong Kong, a former British colony, was returned to China in 1997 under a policy known as ‘one country, two systems,’ which promised the territory a high degree of autonomy,” said Mike Ives from the New York Times.

Hong Kong is officially part of China, but their “one country, two systems” agreement allows self-ruling. However, Hong Kong citizens are protesting this bill due to China’s abusive and unfair legal system.

“I think the bill is smart because the family of the murdered person can be testimonies in the court, and the bill says wherever the crime was committed, the trial will be in that country,” said Taylor Crews, 7.

The bill is widely seen in Hong Kong as the next step in China’s approach to attacking Hong Kong’s autonomy, but some believe that the bill creates justice.