Training for the Summer Olympics

William Carlson, Staff Writer

Athletes worldwide are training to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will be hosted in Tokyo, China. It starts on July 24 and ends on August 9.

“The Summer Olympics is where all the teams play [mostly] outdoor events, such as soccer,” said Dax Dunham, 7.

More than 200 nations will be participating in the 2020 Olympics, each one having a team to represent them in the various competitions. These events include swimming, running, tennis, gymnastics, and much more.

“I know that Jamaica, Japan, and Mexico will participate in the Summer Olympics,” said Adam Morefield, 7.

Preparation for the Olympics requires complete focus and devotion to whatever sport an athlete is training for. Only the most capable athletes are able to compete in the Olympics, and training is a very important aspect to becoming one of the best.

“Training is important because it can prepare our bodies/abilities for the sport we are training for,” said Cole Chapman, 7.

Each athlete competing in the Olympics has a different training schedule depending on his/her event. For example, Simone Biles, an Olympic gymnast, trains for 32 hours a week, whereas Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer, practices for 3-6 hours every day.

According to, “Training is extremely important and should form an integral part of all elite athlete’s daily routines. Training allows the body to gradually build up strength and endurance, improve skill levels and build motivation, ambition and confidence.”

Training is very important to athletes participating in the Olympics, and if anyone wishes to get better, practicing is the best way to start.