iPhone 11 Pro review

Bethanie Wu, Staff Writer

Apple released the iPhone 11 on Sept. 20, 2019, and many people are impressed with the new features.

“The iPhone 11 has a very high-quality camera that allows you to take photos like slofies/slow-motion selfies, ultra-wide, night mode, portrait mode, and more,” said Serine Ashfour, 8.

Others enjoy the long battery life compared to other iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro has four more hours and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has five more hours of battery life compared to the older iPhone X which last about 12 hours.

“I used to have an iPhone 8, and the battery would always die very quickly after minimal use. The iPhone 11 last for a much longer time even if I use it for long periods of time,” said Landry Shull, 8.

Some like the amount of privacy you get using the face ID. The iPhone has the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone.

“Face ID ensures that others won’t be able to get into my phone, and it is also much faster than typing in my password,” said Sailor Smith, 8.

Many people are satisfied with their purchase of the new phone, and Apple is constantly improving its technology.