The evolution of clothing: Part 2

Zaina Waheed, Staff Writer

Each decade has its own clothing style. People seem to gradually change what they wear, and come up with new ideas.

“Whether you liked the styles or not, they showed individuality that had not been seen in generations before,” wrote Pia Sooney, the author of “What Did People Wear in the Eighties?”

According to Hana Kamal, the writer of “American Fashion Through the Decades” on, people were extremely creative when it came to clothing in the 80’s. Bright colors and layering were pretty common. Women started something called power dressing. Power dressing originated from when women working was normal, but women still felt they should show balance and that they’re equal to men. They represented those thoughts in their fashion. 

“Female styles were showing up,” said Presley Senn, 8.

In the 80’s, women wore neon clothing, leg warmers, jeans, and oversized sweatshirts. Men wore acid washed jeans, jean jackets, parachute pants, and blazers, according to Sooney. In these decades, bright colors were worn quite a bit.

“It’s way more casual [now],” said Eva Underwood, 8.

American clothing was more based on comfort in the 90’s. People wore softer and darker colors, although bright colors were still worn by teenagers. The extremely bright and flashy colors started to die down.

“[The] 90’s was probably a little more like what we have today,” said Jackson Roberts, 8.

According to Taylah Brewer, the author of  “90’s Fashion (How to Get the 1990’s Style)”, in the 90’s, women wore flared jeans, crop tops, overalls, bomber jackets, and slip dresses. Men wore overalls, biker jackets, turtlenecks, cargo pants, loose jeans, windbreakers, ripped jeans, flannel shirts, and T-shirts. 

“Many clothing trends in the 2000’s were born out of globalization…,” wrote Meghan Dubitsky in “Quick Guide to 2000s Fashion,” on

In the 2000’s, people started to bring back fashions from decades before. They also started bringing back more colors and patterns. They mixed up fashions from the past and added some of their own touches. We continue to wear similar fashions today.

“We’re wearing what we wore back then now,” said Rachael Alyatim, 7.

In the 2000’s, close to present, women wore metallic clothing, shiny pants, leather skirts, hoodies, flared jeans, off the shoulder tops, cropped jackets, capri pants, and ripped acid washed jeans. They had color, and some had animal print. Men wore leather jackets, light washed boot cut jeans, cargo shorts, black leather jackets, slim cut jeans, flannel shirts, and sweaters, according to Dubitsky.

Clothing was primarily formal, eventually becoming more casual over the years. Fashion has changed, just as history has.