The evolution of clothing: Part 1

Zaina Waheed, Staff Writer

For the longest time, people have used their clothes to express themselves. Fashion  has changed drastically over the last 70 years.

“[They wore] poodle skirts and really modest clothing,” said Charli Pulley, 8.

According to Hana Kamal, the writer of “American Fashion Through the Decades” in InterExchange, when men came back from WWII, women were expected to be homemakers and maintain a beautiful image. They wore long skirts, and kept an hourglass shape.

“They wore prim and proper stuff,” said Cole Faulkner, 8.

In the 50’s, women wore wavy skirts, jumper dresses, and sleeveless dresses with v-necks and wide collars. They also wore fitted dresses with short jackets. Men wore slim fitting suits with thin ties, or they wore sweaters. 

“Women’s 1960s fashion was extreme style and attitude from the start of the decade to the end,” wrote Debbie Sessions, the writer of “Vintage Dancer,” a website dedicated to describing fashion through the decades.

In the following decade, clothing styles started to change. In the 60’s, there were more unisex clothes like denim and leather jackets. People started to develop more types of styles like Mod and Hippie Fashion.

“Everything started to get a little less conservative,” said Presely Senn, 8.

According to Sessions, womens’ clothes had more color and had patterns in the 60’s. They wore shift dresses that showed no shape, and different types of skirts and sweaters. Men wore dull suits, sport coats, and dress shirts or buttoned down shirts. They wore patterned trousers and ties, and a sweater or cardigan sweater.

“70’s… was definitely more like bright clothes,” said Madison Platz, 7.

The 70’s was given the nickname as the “Me” decade. There was even more unisex clothing, as more and more women started to work. Clothes like jeans were worn by everyone: women, men, and children.

“[They wore] mom jeans and like more trendy clothing,” said Rachael Alyatim, 7.

According to Sessions, the hippie look was very common in the 70’s. Women wore bell bottoms or frayed jeans, different types of skirts, different types of dresses, peasant blouses, ponchos, blazers, tube tops, and baggy clothes. Men wore bell bottoms, pleated pants, sweaters, flannel shirts, tie dye, sweatshirts, jeans, leather jackets, and suits. 

 Clothing trends usually change depending on what is currently going on at the time. Fashion from the 50’s to the 70’s, went from traditional clothing to clothes with popping colors. Fashion continued to evolve into what we wear now.