Breaking down breakfast

Evelyn Tsai, Staff Writer

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because of its daily benefits for your body, brain, and overall health.

“I think the most important meal is breakfast. It’s what gets you up in the morning. Especially if you come to school without eating breakfast, you’re going to feel really tired and really hungry,” said Romi Kahana, 8.

Eating breakfast encourages your metabolism to burn more calories. On the other hand, skipping breakfast tells your body to conserve calories.

“Eating breakfast gives you energy for the rest of the day,” said Sidney Carr, 7.

A good breakfast revitalizes your body by refreshing your reduced blood sugar; before eating in the morning, your body’s blood sugar is generally low. 

“I think breakfast is the most important meal because you need to be energized at the start of your day,” Chakrearsey Prom, 8. 

Eating breakfast allows for a successful school day. It strengthens focus and intensifies concentration.

“I would say breakfast is the most important meal. You should have nutrients to get your body running,” said Rovin Jo, campus IT.

Breakfast that is high in fiber and protein can prevent certain health problems as well. High fiber foods can help lower LDL cholesterol, which, in large quantities, can obstruct arteries. It also reduces the risks of heart disease and diabetes.

“Breakfast gives you energy for the whole day and makes you not hungry when you wake up,” said Brooke Starr, 7.

Breakfast makes up a vital part of your day. It increases brain function, invigorates your body, and has multiple health benefits.