Students get a new advisory as the new semester starts off

Selene Thompson, Staff Writer

After winter break, WSMS advisory classes changed and since then, students have been adjusting to the change in their schedule.

The administrators felt the change in advisory would be a nice change for teachers and students alike — a change of scenery, a chance to get to know other students and other teachers,” said Kay Bordelon, WSMS counselor.

Most students feel indifferent and don’t really care about the adjustment because they either haven’t changed or the adjustment just feels normal. 

“Really, I like it because I haven’t changed,” said Reyna King, 7.

Other students feel doubtful about the new advisory change and aren’t sure whether they like it because of the fact that they liked their old advisory better than their new one. 

“I wish we had stayed in our old advisory. I wish we didn’t have two days for dear time,” said Bryce Doffing, 8.

The counselors switched both students and teachers so that both can learn from a variety of situations.

“Middle school gives students lots of opportunities to practice things. Switching advisories gives students another opportunity to practice change. Most humans are uncomfortable with change — practicing change helps us become more emotionally flexible,” said Bordelon. 

The change in a student’s school environment helps them learn to adapt to adjustments or in this case, a new group for advisory.