Australia is in Flames

Abby Rodriguez and Presley Zadorozny

Global warming has been recognized as one of the biggest problems in our modern-day world. A perfect example of its impact is in Australia and the hazardous fires that have destroyed 12.35 million acres.

“It’s upsetting seeing so many habitats and lives being destroyed. I think it’s very important for there to be major news coverage on environmental tragedies like this because they provide insight into the many issues the Earth faces,” said Alejandra Rodriguez, President of Our living Planet club.

Over 1 billion animals have either died or been injured in this tremendous fire. Thousands of people have been evacuated, leaving over 1,400 homes destroyed. Unfortunately, about 28 people have died, and the deaths are quickly escalating. 

“First there were fires in California and Brazil and now in Australia. Hearing about all of the koalas and animals that have died is horrible. Everyone should work together to help,” said Nicholas Ortega, 7. 

  According to, global warming is what has caused these fires to be so drastic, it has been difficult to save Australia’s environment. Although a lot of this is caused by global warming, people have also been deliberately starting fires, and some have been arrested. Firefighters from around the world have been pitching in to help. In addition, people from around the world have donated money.

“A good way to help is by joining groups and donating to them,” said Cole Bailey, 7.

As a result, Australia’s deadly wildfires are showing no sign of stopping soon.