Rising cost of college and how to prepare

Abby Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The price of college has been a big debate in modern day society. Over the last few decades, the cost of college in the United States has risen significantly.

“I definitely want to start working when I turn 16 because I know college is really expensive nowadays,” said Edina Odza, 8.

College tuition costs have more than doubled in their numbers since the 1980’s. It increases by about three percent every single year. According to bigfuture.collegeboard.org, it costs about $20,770 per year at public schools (in-state). Also, it costs about $46,950 for nonprofit private schools. 

“I’m hoping that I can get some sort of sport scholarship. It would make things a lot easier for my parents. I would consider myself a pretty good athlete,” said Anna Drescher, 8.

A lot of people find the cost of college absurd. It can take years to pay off student debt. According to CNBC, the average amount of time to pay off student debt takes 18.5 years.

“I think it’s important to work really hard in school. You would have a good chance of not only getting into a good college but maybe getting a scholarship too,” said McKenna Brand, 8.

Although college may cost a great deal of money, you can always work extra hard to try and earn your way through.