Dallas Cowboys part ways with Jason Garrett

Christian Giordano, Staff Writer

The Dallas Cowboys football team hired new head coach Mike McCarthy on January 7, 2020, replacing Jason Garrett. After Garret’s eight year career, results were less than stellar.

“Jason Garrett was a terrible coach because he couldn’t control his offense or defense,” said Dax Dunham, 7.

Jason Garrett coached the Cowboys for eight full seasons and had a career record of 59 – 48, which isn’t very good for a coach. Thousands of Cowboys’ fans are pleased that Garrett is gone because of how poorly the Cowboys performed while he coached.

“Jason Garrett just wasn’t a good coach. He wasn’t doing anything special for the team, and they just kept losing games,” said Mason Hervey, 8.

The Cowboys’ new coach, Mike McCarthy, coached the Green Bay Packers until 2017. The Cowboys hired McCarthy because he is a Super Bowl winning coach, and they believe that he will be able to bring his talent over to the Cowboys.

“I would take Mike McCarthy over Jason Garrett any day. McCarthy won the Packers [Super Bowl XLV], so I hope he wins the Cowboys one,” said Aiden Beaumariage, 8.

Fans hope that McCarthy will be able to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, and they are excited to see what the future has in store for the team.