Tornado hit Dallas Texas

Mia Reaugh, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Although tornado season officially starts in March, recently in October, there were a couple of big tornadoes in the Dallas Texas area.  

“I didn’t even know there was a tornado until I saw all the damage in Dallas on the news,” said Marleize Basson, 8.

Many students had to take cover in the middle of the night just in case the tornado came near them. 

“My parents woke me up in the middle of the night twice because of the tornado. We went under the stairs to be safe,” said Darby Anderson, 7.

A very safe place to hide is in a room with no windows on the first floor of a building. An even safer place is in a bathtub because its structure is very sturdy and strong.

“We have a Cabana Bath, which is like a big bathtub/shower, that has no windows and was a perfect place for my family and me to hide when there is a tornado near us,” said Anna Barr, 7.

Tornados can come unexpectedly, so we should always be prepared to stay safe.