7th grade students plan to become College Athletes

Mia Reaugh, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Some students at WSMS are planning to become college athletes when they graduate from High-School.

Brad Fuller is a teacher and coach at WSMS. His son, Aaron Fuller, graduated from Lovejoy Highschool and is playing college football at the University of Washington. 

“What it takes to be a college athlete is dedication, good grades, confidence in yourself when you are playing, and hard work,” said Coach Fuller.

RJ Mcintosh was on the WSMS seventh grade black football team. Mcintosh plays Running Back and was one of the star players on the team. 

“I’ve always loved football and I want to play it in college, but I’m not sure which college yet. I really want to go to TCU but it depends on how I feel as a Senior,” said Mcintosh.

Shelby Burriss was on the WSMS seventh grade volleyball A-Team. Burriss is a middle blocker and is on the club Skyline’s top 14s team. Also, Burriss’ father played football in college for Stanford University. 

“I really want to go to Stanford like my dad. Stanford is a high achieving school and it has a really fantastic volleyball team and program,” said Burriss. 

Morgan Van Voorhis is on the WSMS seventh grade basketball A-Team. She was also on the WSMS A-Team volleyball. Van Voorhis plays both club volleyball and basketball. She exceeds tremendously at both. 

“I’m not sure what college I want to go to,” said Van Voorhis. “but I’m positive that I want to play volleyball or basketball in college.”

It will be fun to see what these athletes plan to do and where they will go in the future.