Giving back during the Christmas season

Campbell Lester, Leopard Life Staff Writer

With Christmas right around the corner, we may find our focus primarily on what we receive, when it should be more focused on what we give. 

“It’s very important to give back, especially during this season, because there are many kids who don’t have essentials for Christmas,” said Erin Verschage, 8.

When we give back, we are in direct contact with the less fortunate, and we see the hope and joy it brings to them. It also leaves us fulfilled and with a desire to do more.

“During the Christmas season, my family and I get toys for kids. We enjoy this because we are making kids happy and bonding as a family,” said Bree Zorn, 7.

Many families like serving together, so they can continue traditions and create strong bonds between each other. 

“I love to do the Angel Tree donation, Toys for Tots, and organizing Christmas presents for people around my area who are less fortunate,” said Rebecca May, Assistant Principal.

During the Christmas season, most families prefer to donate in ways that will help others prepare for this festive time. From preparing meals to donating gifts, all are very beneficial.  

“Christmas is the perfect time to give back because it adds joy and pleasure to the recipient’s life,” said Marc D’jamoos, 7.

While gifts may be what we look forward to; giving back is what matters during the Christmas season.