Visual art is off to a new start

Presley Zadorozny and Libby Johnson

Just two months into the 2019-2020 school year and students are loving the art program because of the new teacher’s fresh approach to teaching.

“I love getting to see young kids express their passion for art,” said Cassidy Fuller, WSMS art teacher. 

Ms. Cass is new to Lovejoy ISD and teaches Art 1 and Advanced Art at the middle school. In addition to teaching at the middle school, she also teaches Art 1 at the high school. Because she allows room for each voice, she is well-liked. Although Ms.Cass has specific criteria and high expectations, she wants her students to express their unique creativity. 

“I think that art is more enjoyable this year because of Ms. Cass’s direct method of teaching. I love how we can be creative with whatever medium we’re working with,” said Camille Cruz, 8.

The students have already made several unique pieces of art with many different materials. One of the things that students like most about art are the way that they get to use several diverse mediums. 

“One of my favorite projects is the comic strip because it’s not like anything I’ve done before and it allows me to branch out,” said Gracyn Thompson, 8.

Although students have completed a variety of artwork, some of the favorites include the spray paint in Art 1 and the comic strip in Adv. Art. The pieces are very singular and unique, because Ms. Cass gets the inspiration for her projects from a blend of different artists.

“I try to create a mix of art styles that the students will be interested in by using different sources. My classroom is kind of like an art melting pot; I try to incorporate contemporary and classical art,” said Ms.Cass.

Students continue to enjoy expressing themselves in art because of Ms. Cass’s creative teaching.