What young men can learn from attending Boy Scouts

William Carlson, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Since the creation of scouting, young men across the world are attending Boy Scouts to learn and master many useful skills/abilities.

“Boy Scouts is very fun and educational,” said Boy Scout Devin Muaina, 7.

Boys Scouts was first created in 1910 and has then expanded to become one of the largest youth organizations in the United States. The young men are taught responsible citizenship and character development. They also learn many useful skills, such as fire safety and how to use a compass.

“You learn how to whittle, tie knots, and cut wood,” said Bradley Gavin, 8.

In Boys Scouts, there are multiple rankings. The lowest is Scout, and the highest is Eagle. There are 7 total rankings. In order to move up in the rankings, you need to learn and master many skills, such as survival and leadership skills. 

“I just want to get my Eagle Scout and if their are any other merit badges after that that I’m interested in, [I’ll get those done too],” said Liam Dunleavy, 7.

Boy Scouts is a fun and educational program that every young boy should be able to participate in.