First 8th grade Girls Basketball Game

Bethanie Wu, Leopard Life Staff Writer

The eighth grade girls basketball team played their first game against Rockwall Cain on Thursday, Nov. 14 at WSMS to start of their season.

“We played Rockwall Cain. They were a good team because they ran their plays which allowed their team to be open,” said Serine Ashfour, 8.

In order to win games, athletes must be disciplined while on the court to execute plays correctly.

“We won our game because we successfully executed our press and passed the ball well,” said Naomi Morales, 8.

Athletes must encourage one another when they are disappointed or have made a mistake so that they don’t negatively affect the rest of the team.

“I think we are successful because we communicate, and we don’t let each other get down on themselves,” said Lauren Dollberry, 8.

All teams won their games, and both players and coaches are excited for the rest of the season.