Thanksgiving Break

Bethanie Wu, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break was the perfect time for WSMS students to travel and take a break from their everyday school life.

“I went on a cruise and traveled to multiple locations around the world for a week,” said Kaylee Christiansen, 8.

While some students traveled around the world, other students traveled around the country.

“In San Diego, we went to the beach every day, we went to a roller coaster place called Belmont, we shopped, and walked around because there was really nice weather,” said Serine Ashfour, 8.

One perk of Thanksgiving was visiting family that students don’t normally see.

“For Thanksgiving, we went to Illinois and then on Thanksgiving day we drove to Wisconsin to eat dinner with grandparents, uncles, and aunts for a family reunion,” said Josh Gapp, 8.

Other students visited national landmarks to enjoy their time off.

“I went to Missouri to visit some of my family members and we also went to see the gateway arch in St. Louis,” said Luke Winchester, 8.

WSMS students traveled around the world to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families.