Basketball season kicks off in Willow Springs

Luke Wright, Leopard Life Staff Writer


     Basketball season has begun in WSMS, and our 8th grade boys have started out their season strong with a current record of 8-1 overall.

     “I’m really excited to get better over the season, have a lot of fun, and maybe take some wins,” said James Brunson, 8.

     The A-team took a close fall to Wylie Burnett on Nov. 21, with the other teams taking their second win of the season.

     “It was disappointing to lose because it was so close, and I think we could have done a lot better in the last quarter,” said Grant Harlan, 8.

     Players credit a majority of their success to their coaches and early practices. 

     “We get up early every morning for practice,” said Daniel Haas, 8. “which isn’t too bad with Coach Blom and Coach Fuller because they make it a good time.”

     As the season goes on, our players expect to have a great season with a lot of success and good times.