Lovejoy Fine Arts Festival showcases WSMS students

Alissa Chang and Evelyn Tsai

On Friday, Dec. 6 and 7, Lovejoy ISD hosted its 10th Fine Arts Festival, showcasing performances, galleries, and concerts from Lovejoy students.

“The Fine Arts Festival is a way for students to show their artwork and creativity,” Chakrearsey Prom, 8.

The orchestra programs performed in the auditorium starting at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday and showcased a variety of works from classical to pop to traditional Christmas tunes.

“We are playing a concert. [I’m excited] about showing off the progress of our orchestra students,” said Mary Winkler, orchestra director.

The WSMS Choir also performed on Saturday at 4 p.m. in the auditorium.

“I’m going to be singing with the Willow Springs Choir and maybe doing a performance at the Coffee House, which is a place in the cafeteria area where singers will occasionally go on and perform so people can hear it while they’re walking through the halls. I’m excited to perform with the choir because we have some really nice songs and it’s going to sound great,” said Romi Kahana, 8. 

The WSMS band performed on Friday at 6:30 in the auditorium as well. Band students practiced every day in class, as well as outside of school training in sectionals.

“It’s called a one player part and it’s where my instrument stands out in the song,” said Reagan Wagner, 8.

Visual arts presented an art gallery from the WSMS art students. Each student chose their favorite pieces to be shown from past projects.

“I’m really excited to see what your parents think of your work just because they never get to see it and it’s really fun to be able to show them that,” said Cassidy Fuller, art teacher. 

Students prepared to show their work to the public as a display of hard work and creative potential.

“There will be so many wonderful performances at the Fine Arts Festival this weekend! I hope that everyone can come out and support all of the talented students that we have in Lovejoy!” said Hannah Brewton, choir director.

Students and teachers alike were excited to see their work showcased and watch how other fine arts students have applied themselves throughout the year.