Preventing Procrastination

Evelyn Tsai, Leopard Life Staff Writer

WSMS students procrastinate — this isn’t new. However, students have started procrastinating more and more because of the increasing amount of work.

“I wait ‘til the last minute to finish things,” said Camille Crews, 8.

Procrastination is the act of avoiding work or activities. Usually, the work that’s put off is completed just before the deadline—as in hours or sometimes minutes before. However, there are multiple ways to steer clear of procrastination

“If I see a list of stuff I have to do, I start to get overwhelmed,” said Connor Johnston, 7th and 8th grade Algebra teacher.

One way to bypass procrastination is to break the work into manageable pieces, as, subconsciously, the work seems overwhelming. However, simply dividing the number of tasks isn’t everything—organizing is essential as well.

“I organize, plan, and try to get it done before the deadline,” said Nicole Agnew, librarian.

Making a schedule with clear deadlines is a simple way to evade procrastination. The timeline shows what needs to be finished, and the deadlines remind you to stay focused. This prepares you to complete your work.

“When you do procrastinate, you’re just wasting your time,” said Alex Marquez, 8.

Although procrastination occupies a sizeable percentage of being a student, it is very detrimental. Avoiding procrastination leads to a more efficient and successful student.