IT Chapter Two

Selene Thompson, Leopard Life Staff Writer

After the Summer of 2019, the sequel to a movie named IT came out in theatres as a Rated-R movie (to watch with adult supervision).  

 “I saw the movie with my brother and friends,” said Annabelle Clay, 8. 

It is difficult to say whether the sequel is better than the first, but according to an article by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm thinks that it is scarier than Chapter One but less charming.  

“I like the second one better because I feel like it was more creative and also because it felt sort of like a final ending,” said Annelise Cain, 7. 

It was originally a novel that was written in 1986 by Stephen King and then later turned into a movie in 1990. 

“I read parts of the original IT novel. The main difference from the book and the movies now is that the kids are much younger in the book,” said Layne Doffing, 8. 

After the original novel and the 1990 film, it was revamped as a movie again in 2017, and in early September of 2019, they released the sequel: IT Chapter Two. 

“I liked the movie [the 2017 IT film]; all of the characters had something that drew them together,” said Connie Onyegbunwa, 7. 

Some people say the only thing at fault is the characters, some say it’s the plot that makes the first one better than the second. In reality, though, all movies will have people’s opinions and criticism. 

 “I think that the characters shouldn’t have forgotten everything that happened when they left the town,” said Clay. 

The story catches the people watching with it’s unique, Losers’ Club, and jumpscares from Pennywise the Dancing Clown making it for a very interesting experience. 

“The best part is when they killed [Pennywise] and when they all met up at the restaurant,”  said Mark Thompson, 8. 

For a thrilling time, and a hard hitting plotline, IT 2 is a great option when looking for that perfect film.