Post Malone as the top artist

Noah Horner, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Post Malone has been climbing the Billboard rasnkingd out of 100 other artists to reach the best starting the 10th of November.

 “I like Post Malone because he has good music, his lyrics hit deep, and he was in sunflower,” said Cameron Lopez, 8.

Post Malone was born on July 24, 1995, in New York. Post malone’s real name is Austin Post. He made his first song at the age of 21 and blew up when he made White Iverson. He has since then released the “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album.

  “I like his songs because his songs have good tunes to it,” said Finley Abernathy, 8.

He was raised in Grapevine Texas. Post Malone is a part native descent. Before he started to rap he auditioned to be in the band Crown and the Empire. He chose Post Malone as his stage name when he was 15 from a rap name generator. He moved to LA with a band called BLKVRD.

“ I like Post Malone because his songs are catchy,” said Alex Marquez 8.

Post malone has spent a lot of time to make his music, but when he started his rap career it took him 3 more years to finally become famous.  After a long Journey, he is finally number one in the billboards top 100 and top artist of the year by Spotify.