Battle of the Brands

Noah Horner, Staff Writer

When it comes to phones, two brands come to mind: Apple and Samsung. Which one is better than the other when it comes to functionality?

“I have an iPhone 6s Plus. I think it’s better. because it’s more refined,” said Alex Marquez, 8.

There are many good qualities to the iPhone. The newer iPhones are getting bigger and slimmer. 

“I have an iPhone XR; I trust the security because it’s always been reliable,” said Jackson Betz 8. 

The iPhone security has improved, even the military uses it to prevent virus corruption. Now the iPhone has face recognition. iPhone X has removed the home button and now you have more space on your phone.

There are also many good qualities to Samsung.  Samsung has a fast charger where you just have to plug it in, and it charges it faster. 

“I have a J3 star, I like the fast charger, because it charges faster than the other charges,” said Allan Chervil 8.

When Samsung comes out with another phone it doesn’t make the phone back-up. Samsung has a curved edge and is getting slimmer with every version that comes out. The newest version has power share, in which two phones share power when touching back to back.

“I don’t have a phone, I would like an iPhone because I like their features that Apple came up with,” said Cole Bailey, 7.

Overall there are multiple benefits to these different brands. People have many different opinions. Overall, Apple is the more popular brand. According to Forbes and Statista, it has 1.5 billion users while Samsung only has 893 million users. Still, Samsung is a good competitor to Apple for the quality of their phones.