The Rise of Minecraft

Noah Horner, Leopard Life Staff Writer

As Minecraft celebrated its 10th birthday in May, many more players began to play again, attracting new players, as well.

“My favorite thing to do in minecraft is to mine because I can find diamonds and kill monsters,” said Avery Fuller, 8.

In 2018, 112 million people played Minecraft per month, but that increased to 132 million in 2019.

“I like to play Minecraft more than Fortnite,” said Israel Montoya, 8.

“I think Minecraft has gotten popular because you can do more things in minecraft,” said Montoya. Fortnite is only 2 years old. Minecraft, on the other hand, is now in double digits, 10! For its 10th birthday, it had a bunch more people join back to Minecraft.

“I enjoy just exploring the world and seeing what I can find,” said Alisson Lawrance, 8.

Out of  20 people, 17 people said Minecraft was better, and 2 people said Fortnite was best, and 1 person unexpectedly said Roblox.  This shows that Fortnite’s place as the best game has been taken by Minecraft. Now, new updates are coming to minecraft like the Aquatic Update, along with the pandas, polar bears, foxes, and birds. Though Minecraft is on top, it will continue to update.