Three new food trends take Instagram by storm

Angelina Wang, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Recently, social media users have been tasting new food trends because of their Instagram appeal.

 Smoothies are delightful fruity drinks, but can it compete with the new food trend, smoothie bowls?  Smoothie bowls are just like smoothies, except it’s in a bowl. There are many more toppings, fresh fruit, and options that can be added into the bowl. 

 “Smoothie bowls are better because it has extra ingredients and it has different textures,” said Macy Moore, 8.

Cheese tea is one of the latest Instagram-worthy food trends. The frothy foam on top of the beverage is made of sweet condensed milk and cream cheese. Some people think it’s disgusting, while some say it’s delightful. 

“I think the cheese tea is disgusting because first off, it has a weird texture, and right when you sip it, it’s good but after 3 seconds, it tastes disgusting to me,” said John Schmitt, 7.

Another popular food trend is the Impossible Burger. The burger is a plant made  sandwich. Its creators are the Impossible Food Inc. People love the impossible burger because they say it tastes like a real burger, but they want to eat healthier and reduce their impact on the planet.

“The impossible burger is kinda like a burger that is just made out of plants but it tastes like an actual burger,” said Dax Dunnum, 7.

  Try these new food trends yourself to see how interesting each one is.