Figure Skating Medalist Wins Regionals

Angelina Wang, Leopard Life Staff Writer

Olivia Lee, a 7th grader in WSMS, recently went to Colorado Springs for the Regional Nine States Figure Skating competition and won first in her group.

“To prepare for regionals, we do a lot of back to backs, which is like doing a program, and then doing another one right after it without stopping and that builds up your stamina, and we also do a bunch of stuff like line drills, kill drills, where you go back and forth from line to line,” said Olivia.

Colorado has a higher altitude than Texas, so it’s harder to breathe there. By training with her coach, Olivia is able to use the stamina practices and perform her program effortlessly. 

“Figure skating is hard because you have to balance on blades on the ice while waiting for people around you and there are all these different positions you have to maintain, and the jumping and spinning is really tough,” said Oliva.

Figure skating is a sport that you have to work hard for. Learning jumps, spins, and edgework is not as easy as it seems. The skater needs a solid core to hold your jumping positions, and strong legs to help you jump high and far. For Olivia, learning and practicing her routine is very tiring.

“I do figure skating because it’s fun to be on the ice and you can do all these things and keep learning,” said Olivia.

Olivia Lee has trained from a young age to get to where she is now. She’s an excellent role model because of her grit, hard work, and athletic abilities.